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Myths and Facts about Dual Laminate

Sep 11, 2023

Dual Laminate – a composite material crafted by combining thermoplastics with reinforced fibreglass – has gained traction across industries for its corrosion resistance and durability. But when standing up next to traditional materials such as steel, there are misconceptions about its properties and capabilities. Let’s unravel these common myths and shed light on the facts about Dual Laminate that make it today’s choice for various applications.

Myth 1: Dual Laminate is a Complicated Material

It’s often thought that Dual Laminate’s composition makes it complex and difficult to work with.

However, modern manufacturing techniques have streamlined the process; making it no more intricate than working with other materials.

The combination of thermoplastics and fibreglass actually results in a material that’s strong yet pliable. Thus allowing for the creation of intricate shapes and structures.

Myth 2: It is Limited in Corrosion Resistance

Contrary to the misconception, Dual Laminate boasts excellent resistance to corrosion – a trait that stems from its thermoplastic layers and the fibreglass’s reinforcement.

This combination enables it to withstand even the harshest chemical and environmental conditions.

It has become an invaluable asset in industries where corrosion is a constant concern.

Myth 3: Dual Laminate is Prone to Leaks

Some individuals believe that the dual nature of this material might create vulnerabilities in the form of potential leaks.

However, Dual Laminate is manufactured with meticulous attention to detail, utilizing advanced bonding techniques to ensure a seamless and secure connection between the layers.

These manufacturing practices guarantee the integrity of the material and its resistance to leakage.

Myth 4: It is Unsuitable for High-Temperature Applications

Another misconception is that Dual Laminate can’t withstand high temperatures.

It’s true that the thermoplastic layer may have temperature limitations. But the fibreglass reinforcement adds strength and stability at elevated temperatures.

Products made with this material are engineered to cater to specific temperature ranges. This makes it suitable for applications that require the ability to withstand various thermal conditions.

Myth 5: Dual Laminate is Difficult to Maintain

Some believe that maintaining Dual Laminate involves complex procedures or specialized skills.

For many, its low-maintenance perk is a standout feature. Its corrosion resistance eliminates the need for constant inspections and repairs. Cleaning is often as simple as using mild detergents or solvents.

The combination of easy maintenance and longevity makes it both a reliable and cost-effective solution.

Myth 6: It is Exclusively for Specific Industries

Dual Laminate’s wide range of applications extends beyond certain industries.

Upon observing its use in chemical processing, water treatment, and corrosive environments, the noted versatility allowed it to be employed in many other sectors.

From pharmaceuticals to food processing, and from mining to power generation… its corrosion resistance, durability, and customization potential make it invaluable.

Regardless of the product, this is a common problem that happens with most traditional materials over time. Choosing Dual Laminate means choosing to avoid situations like this one.

Fact: Dual Laminate Offers Unparalleled Customization

Unlike many misconceptions, the fact remains that Dual Laminate is exceptionally customizable.

Its design flexibility is a defining feature, enabling manufacturers to create tailored solutions that meet specific project requirements.

This adaptability is crucial across various industries – where intricate designs, unique shapes, and precise dimensions are essential.

Incorporating it into your project ensures superior performance and versatility as it can be fine-tuned to match specifications.

The Choice is Clear: Dual Laminate for Versatile Solutions

As myths are debunked, the remarkable capabilities that are the facts about Dual Laminate become clear. This composite material has earned its place as a robust and adaptable choice across numerous industries. Its corrosion resistance, durability, customization potential, and ease of maintenance underscore its suitability for various applications.

At Troy Dualam Inc., we specialize in engineering and manufacturing high-quality products that stand up to the challenges of various industries. Contact us today to explore how Dual Laminate can be the ideal solution for your corrosion-resistant needs.

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