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About Troy Dualam Inc.

There is a lot to say about Troy Dualam Inc.. Our company was created in 2016 following the acquisition of the Troy Manufacturing and CPF Dualam businesses from ZCL Composites.

We assembled am exceptional team of experienced professionals. Most importantly we are committed to supplying engineered, high quality FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) and Dualam composite equipment. Our engineers, project managers, QA professionals and craftsmen have the experience and skill set required to meet client needs. Therefore our team can fabricate complex FRP &Dualam equipment that meets the highest industry and client standards and specifications.

We also offer services in design and engineering, fabrication, inspection, maintenance, site management, consultation and materials technology.

Therefore our applications can be found in many industries. Which include chemical processing, FDA industry, metal & mineral refining, odor control, water treatment and other highly corrosive materials and harsh operating environments.

Troy Dualam Inc. is an authority in the fabrication of corrosion resistant FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) and Dualam® (thermoplastic lined FRP) equipment. Some of our products include, but not limited to, Towers, Scrubbers, Tanks, Hoods, Piping, Duct and custom equipment. Each item is delivered on time and manufactured to client specifications.

In conclusion we are proud to carry the leadership tradition of quality & engineering. It was established by the founding fathers of Troy Manufacturing, Tom Roy, and CPF Dualam, John Kidd.

Notre mission est de fournir un service de la plus haute qualité en utilisant les meilleures technologies disponibles sur le marché.

Troy Dualam est un chef de file dans les produits renforcés de fibre de verre et dans les composites avec plastique intégré. Notre usine de fabrication est située à Brockville en Ontario et dessert des clients à travers le monde entier.

Situé à St-Luc-de-Vincennes en Mauricie au Québec, Troy Dualam a créé une division chantier : Troy Dualam Services. Avec l’aide de sa compagnie de service, Troy Dualam peut répondre aux besoins de ses clients dans leur usine en assurant qualité et service.

About Troy Dualam Inc.
About Troy Dualam Inc.

Mission and Values

Troy Dualam is committed to consistently provide Industry with Quality, Corrosion resistant Composite equipment and services.

Our employees are our most valuable asset. Their contribution and technical innovation allows us to forge alliances with our customers, suppliers and service providers.

Member and Co-founder of DLFA
Certified Fabricator (FRPI)
Member of NACE